Told a friend yesterday: happiness is overrated.

I just found out that what I really wanted was just old mundane-routine boring, normal, “ordinary” things.

I just want my day to be boringly predictable.


But maybe the problem is, ‘normal’ is becoming more of a rare commodity.

I see more and more people are increasingly obsessed with being happy–whatever that means.


I’m beginning to wonder: is there a place for people like me?

people who wants to treat happiness the way they treat a three-dollar piece of cake from a café.


I want cake.

But it’s not like I want it to be something I have to have daily.

I guess.

Not everyday.


(not everyday!)

So believe me, I was as surprised as a kitty in a bath tub when I said to myself,”Lega. ‘Happy’-nya udahan.”*)


I hope that’s not something out of the ordinary.




Not That Happy Yet



*) “(I’m) relieved. The ‘happy’ is over (now).”

PS: I’m not sure about what kitties actually do in a bath tub

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  1. Oryza S.

    October 21, 2014 Reply

    Selalu suka dengan apa yang di tweet, ditulis, dinyanyikan oleh teh gamila arief. Rasanya kok apa yang teh gamila tweet/tulis/nyanyikan kok ‘gue banget’. mungkin gue adalah fansgamilagariskeras! haha.. terus berkarya teh gamila! (sok akrab manggil teh)

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